About Us


Suraj Component Private Limited (SCPL) is a leading manufacturer of custom-engineered powder metal products and provides solutions to customers in a variety of industries. A leader in the powder metallurgy industry, SCPL has developed a number of innovations in sintering, densification, powder metallurgy joining techniques and value-added secondary operations. Our brand is renowned for its leadership and manufacture in India for sintered bearing, sintered oil impregnated bearing, sintered bushes manufacturer, home appliances bushes and other Sintered Iron Self Lubricating Bushes and Component/Parts manufacturer in India.


SCPL is the division of Suraj group, who owns sheet metal and cycle division also based in Ludhiana. SCPL was established in 1999 by Shri Madan Bassi, and now his son and Director of the company Mr. Nitin Bassi with his tireless efforts has been able to extend this division to the heights of greater success. Within a short period due to his hard work SCPL has become one of the leading manufacturer of the powder metal parts North India


Ferrous : Low Alloy Steel, Nickel Steel, Copper Steel, Sinter Hardening grades
Nonferrous: Brass, Bronze, Copper and Nickel Silver

Compacting and Molding Capabilities
Compaction Presses
Press Range: 5-200 Tonne
Max. P/M Part Length : 80mm
Automatic Sizing

Copper Infiltration
Sinter Hardening
High Temperature Sintering

Secondary Processes
CNC turning and milling, conventional and drilling, tapping, oil and resin impregnation, vibratory finishing, subassemblies, sizing, steam treatment, tumbling, deburring, hard turning, plating and assembly operations. SCPL provides extensive full-service CNC machining

Customized Service
SCPL offers custom component design, alloy selection and production manufacturing support. These three facts of the SCPL service strategy work together in helping our clients move quickly and efficiently from concept to a cost-effective component

Powder Metal Benefits

  • Net shape – little or no metal loss
  • High-performance – material properties equivalent to 8620 heat treated steel
  • Cost-effective – savings over machining, casting and forging process
  • Close tolerance – superior dimensional control
  • Unique materials – unlimited alloy compositions
  • Environmentally-friendly compared to traditional processing